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New Recordings Posted! & Summer Update

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hi everybody! Despite recent events, hopefully you are all staying safe and enjoying your summer.

As you might have noticed, this website has gotten a little upgrade since the last time you've been here. Most importantly, the recordings section has been expanded! Either way, I've a bit of exciting news to share:

Due to all the recent craziness, there was definitely a delay in getting them posted, but all ten tracks from The Recording Place have been added to the audio page - you can see them on the music portfolio page. They include my five-piece "Taste of Winter" suite for solo piano, my "Modern Fantasy in Four" (four avant-garde solo piano pieces composed under the tutelage of Peter Golub - director, music program at the Sundance Institute; lecturer, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music), and "The Stardust Philosophy" from the "The Stardust Philosophy Collection" - which accompanies the manuscript I have written by the same name.

This summer, I've been so lucky to have the time to work on some orchestral and instrumental compositions. Though not all are finished, I have posted "In a Twilit Vineyard" for violin, cello, and classical guitar. It is meant as a kind of lullaby, or perhaps to dance to: a song of young love and pure romance. It can also be found on the music portfolio page.

I will be composing the soundtrack for UCLA Burkle Center's World View series, where UCLA interviews world leaders and politicians on the most pressing and interesting topics in contemporary politics. The short version of the intro theme is on the music portfolio page, as is an orchestral fanfare-style intro I wrote while searching for the right style for the series. I'm very excited to share the music - and link to the video episodes - once they've been posted! So far, I've signed on for the first season, but I'm very excited to see where this goes long-term, and I'm so grateful to Luke Zakedis for recruiting me (and the rest of the World View team for having me!).

Writing, writing, writing! I indulged in a collaborative story writing group project online, which was a lot of fun and helped me flesh out some ideas for a new fantasy universe (see current writing projects for more on that). I am also working on some new manuscripts, got a few literary agent bites in the recent #SFFpit pitch party, and am finally almost confident enough to try my luck querying again. (Ah, the world of publishing.) Definitely tempted to try my luck with some short story submissions...and very grateful for my betas, who are as critical as ever (that's a compliment, by the way), and whose eagle eyes never fail to catch my typos and plotholes.

I would like to thank Benjamin Nieves of The Recording Place/The Piano Store in Rocklin, California for his amazing generosity. He contributed greatly in encouraging me and sponsoring my love of film scoring; he's made such a difference in offering advice and support in the last couple of years and in so many ways. He is also the reason I have the beautiful new recordings from The Recording Place, recorded on his pristine Grotrian concert grand.

Here's a random photo from my session at The Recording Place! As my friend likes to say, stay fresh -


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