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about me

When I was five years old, I decided I wanted to build robots. At age six, I stole my sister's idea of writing novels; and around age seven I decided that really, I wanted to pursue music composition.


If I'd been wise, I would have picked one, but I fell in love with all three at once: my very first children's book on the very, very basics of robots (motors, sensors, and how they work together); my first-ever "novel", a terrible once-upon-a-time story written on stapled-together printer paper; my first piano composition with its baby Alberti bass. (I fell in love with dance, too, but I was wise enough to know I would never be good enough to be a professional, even back then.)

Since then, I've continued to write novels (over fifteen completed manuscripts), compose music (whether on my own, or under the tutelage of great teachers such as Professor Peter Golub of Sundance Film Institute), and pursue a Bachelor's in electrical engineering at UCLA. (And it paid off - I am now an incoming RF/microwave engineer at Keysight Technologies with the offer of my dreams!)

This website is meant to house samples of my writing and music, as well as occasional updates on my engineering and life on my blog. It is also meant to be a professional website. For my personal website, which may include cross-posts from this blog, please see misgrammared.

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Photograph by Benjamin Nieves. The Recording Place in Rocklin, California. 2019.

special thanks to...


Photograph by Benjamin Nieves. The Recording Place in Rocklin, California. 2019.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to Ben of The Piano Store in Rocklin.  He - and everyone at The Piano Store - not only sells beautiful pianos and runs an incredible recording studio, but also supports young musicians with so much enthusiasm that it's absolutely humbling.  I am so grateful for all of The Piano Store's support in my musical journey.

I'm also grateful to everybody who's been supporting me at UCLA - you know who you are.

And, of course, I couldn't have done any of this without my parents and my twin sister, my biggest cheerleaders and supporters since day one.  They've been there every step of the way on this thrilling, exciting adventure, and I couldn't be more grateful.  If this journey takes me somewhere special, it's all because they made it possible and gave me the tools I needed to take the first step.

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