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engineering & research

I am currently an incoming RF/microwave engineer for Keysight Technologies (which was historically the testing division of Hewlett Packard); I will be based in the San Diego location, specializing in communications.

In my time at UCLA as an Electrical Engineering undergrad, I've been lucky enough to do research with both Richard Wesel's Communications Systems Laboratory (CSL) and Achuta Kadambi's Visual Machines Group (VMG). As part of CSL, I also spent a summer working full-time in research as part of the NSF-funded Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). The following is a collection of my work with both labs. My resume is available on request; my primary interest is in signal processing and communications (especially coding & information theory), though I also enjoy semiconductors and control systems, as well as circuits.

The above video is my presentation - which won SURP's Best Data Presentation award - on my summer research in developing an error rate union bound for a 64-state, 8-BPSK modulated trellis code under period-5 puncturing.


Above is the research poster I created with my wonderful teammate, Shakeh Kalantarmoradian, based on our summer research together with the supervision of our MS mentor, Alexander Baldauf, and the support of our principal investigator, Richard D. Wesel. This poster was created during SURP, in association with UCLA CSL. This poster was also published in the 2021 SURP research journal; you can see the journal here (linked from the SURP home page); here is a photo of my team's page:

Research Journal Page.jpeg

As a researcher in VMG, I wrote multiple sections of a textbook chapter (the chapter sections specifically covered the light transport matrix, primal-dual coding, and global-direct separation, with my fellow researcher Madison Belk). The textbook, entitled Computational Imaging, is being published in 2022 by MIT Press and can be bought here.

Textbook Cover.jpeg
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