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Here you can find examples of my music compositions - including audio, videos, and sheet music.  This page is constantly being updated (and, as of July 2019, is nowhere near a complete representation of my current composition repertoire), so check back for more - and stay tuned!

Although I aim to compose music in the style of  classical film soundtracks such as "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings," I also write many other genres of music, from soft pop to ragtime to classical avant-garde.  Currently, I use multiple DAWs, including Pro Tools, Cubase, and Studio One, along with a variety of VSTs (including East West Sounds' Hollywood Orchestra libraries).  I am also proficient in notation and transcription (I've used Finale but prefer Dorico).

I've played piano and composed since I was very young.  Under the tutelage of CSU Chico Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Bowman, I studied classical music theory, composition, improvisation, and performance.  I went on to study with Professor Peter Golub (Director, Sundance Film Music Program), and interned with the recording studio of John Swihart ("How I Met Your Mother"). 

Inspired by the music of the films and 20th-century classical composers, "The Taste of Winter" is a five-piece set of original compositions for the piano, where each piece tells a story.  These recordings are from 2015-2016, when the pieces were originally written.

  1. "Chapel of the Bells" is styled as an homage to Rachmaninov; its title is a nod to the fact that Rachmaninov often drew inspiration from the cathedral bells of eastern Europe.

  2. "The Carriage of Memory Lane" tells the story of a nostalgic carriage ride - the sound of horses' hooves, the distant echo of a caroling melody, the crisp cold and winter cheer of Christmastime.

  3. "Winter Leaves Footprints Wherever It Goes" is a cold night spent with gypsies around a fire and a group of shipwrecked sailors singing drinking songs, as the snow begins to fall and becomes a blizzard.

  4. "A Cosmos of Stars" is a lover's rendezvous in Venice, stars reflected on water and gondolas gliding quietly along the waterways.

  5. "Icarus Flew on Broken Wings" is the story of children sneaking out on a long winter's night to go ice skating on the nearby river - when one of them unexpectedly falls through, and the river rushes up to carry the child away, leaving the listener with the melody of a child's lullaby.

Since middle school, I've been involved with the West Coast ragtime community.  Here are two tracks I recorded recently for the West Coast Ragtime Festival's 2018 sampler CD.  Enjoy my very own interpretation of Joseph Lamb's "American Beauty" and William Bolcom's "Graceful Ghost."

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