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Computational Imaging Text Available for Pre-Order (MIT Press 2022)

Very excited that the textbook I contributed to is slated for publication in June of 2022 by MIT Press. My specific contributions were to sections on primal-dual coding, global-direct separation, the light transport matrix, and applications to skin imaging in Chapter 10 of the textbook, which is a comprehensive text on computer vision/computational imaging.

Applications include computer vision for self-driving cars; subsurface skin imaging; and robot vision through semi-opaque mediums such as thick fog or smoke for search and rescue.

You can pre-order the textbook through major retailers via the following link:

The text is Computational Imaging (Bhandari, Kadambi, & Raskar; MIT Press 2022). My research professor from the UCLA Visual Machines Group is Professor Achuta Kadambi, the second co-author. Note that the book is very reasonably priced at only $60, so if you've ever been curious about computer vision, you should 110% get a copy (or if you just want to support our research!).

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