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Published in SURP 2021 Research Journal!

As the final culmination of my research experience this summer with UCLA's Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), my team's poster and abstract were published in the 2021 SURP research journal. Find out more about the program and find the link to the journal here or see the journal directly here. A photo of our page in the journal is also posted directly below.

As always, huge thanks to my team, who made SURP and incredible experience and continue to make research with the Communications Systems Laboratory (CSL) such a great part of my undergraduate life. Being with CSL not only this summer, but throughout the school year, is so incredibly exciting. Definitely the highlight of my college career! I definitely did not realize I'd love research as much as I do, but SURP and CSL have just been such amazing experiences.

Specific thanks to Professor Richard Wesel, our principal investigator and an amazing mentor and teacher; Alexander Baldauf, our MS mentor, who is constantly patient and helpful and guides us every step of the way; and Shakeh Kalantarmoradian, my teammate, who is as hardworking and dedicated as anyone I've ever known.

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