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New Recordings & Website Calendar!

Hi everybody! I hope you're all having a wonderfully spooky October!

Just a couple of quick updates:

1. For those of you asking for my Luskin schedule, please check the new calendar page, which should be updated regularly. I will also be adding other fun events to that page, such as IEEE UCLA's IDEA Hacks hackathon, which you should all sign up for, because it's so much fun and absolutely amazing (and I'm on the corporate committee). ...but more on that later.

2. Over the summer, I recorded ten new recordings at The Piano Store in Rocklin's lovely recording studio, "The Recording Place." Here's a lovely picture of the concert grand Grotrian I got to record on:

Perfect segue into the news that I'll be releasing those recordings soon! And, hopefully, some even newer compositions I've completed just the fall...

3. I am currently in the process of scoring my first full-length film! Very excited to be working alongside a friend of mine who is a very talented director. I am definitely hoping to upload some sample cues to this website once everything is polished.

More photos from the recording session to come!


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