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Ready for the Fall?

Just a few updates before the UCLA school year begins:

In my time at the Luskin, I've been asked multiple times if I offer piano lessons. While availbility depends on my class schedule, I am more than happy to offer lessons on a basis catered to both your and my schedule and your needs - both in terms of content and pricing. If you're interested, please send me an email at

I am also open, as always, to performing outside of UCLA, so long as there's a piano - or keyboard - to play. My own keyboard is too heavy to transport easily.

I have also been asked if people can use the music I compose in films. I am always looking for opportunities to incorporate my music in film, so I'm certainly interested - again, contact me directly at for specific information.

I also have gotten a lot of questions regarding my Luskin performance schedule. My schedule changes week to week, so I'm going to be posting my schedule at the beginning of each week here.

A little writing update: I'm super excited to be querying my recent novel, THE STARDUST PHILOSOPHY, in search of a literary agent. I have several requests out with agents at the moment - so here's crossing my fingers!

And an engineering update - I'm now participating in research with Professor Katsushi Arisaka's research lab, investigating the way in which the brain perceives and processes different frequencies of sound. It's super exciting and I'm so happy to be a part of this!

Hope everyone has had a lovely summer!


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