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The Bruin Film Society Podcast


If you know me, you likely know of my interest in film - especially in film scoring. One of my best decisions of my sophomore year at UCLA was to join BFS, the Bruin Film Society, a wonderful group of film-lovers that puts on advance screenings, panels, and events with your favorite Hollywood directors, film scorers, producers, celebrities, and everyone in between. However, my favorite part of BFS is Sam Wolf's lovely creation, the BFS Podcast:

Tune in every other Friday for a new episode and be sure to follow us on Spotify! On the BFS Podcast, BFS members hold a round-table discussion centering on the topic of their choice. So far, I've cohosted an episode on trailers and one on film scores - both soon to air - with more planned, including Game of Thrones, TV vs. Movies, Musicals, and more.

Enjoy the listen,

Alethea Katherine

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